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Lundi à vendredi, 13h à 17h

ATELIER - Fabriquer un collier ou un bracelet personnalisé à breloques

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Create your own Charm Necklace or Bracelet in Silver, Brass and Bronze!

Do you want to learn how to make jewelry? Have you ever wanted to design and fabricate a custom jewel? Introduce yourself to jewelry making with this 2-3 hour class! Camillette will follow you, step by step to create a custom charm necklace or bracelet. 

Jewelry class with Camillette - Make a personalized charm necklace or bracelet in Montreal, Canada

What You'll Do During This Workshop

You'll be guided in the design and fabrication of a custom charm bracelet or necklace. At each step, we'll be at your side making this creative activity fun and easy. You can make the jewel for yourself or for a special someone.

  1. First, you'll decide on your design for your necklace or bracelet. You can create your own personalized charm or pick from a selection of existing charms, ready to be integrated to your design.
  2. Second, you'll experience the traditional activities of jewelry making: sawing, sanding, filing, punching, polishing, etc.
  3. Finally, you'll complete your bracelet or necklace by assembling the charm(s) to a chain.  

Gift Idea

This activity is a great gift 🎁  to offer for a birthday, an anniversary, a special occasion or for Christmas! Treat yourself, a special someone, or a partner with a one of a kind creative experience. Come with a friends, family members, your lover or co-workers. 


Gift card for a bracelet of necklace making class with Camillette Jewelry

What Can I Expect? 

  • To live a fun experience
  • To learn something new
  • To create a unique and meaningful piece of jewelry
  • To make a personalized jewel for yourself, a partner or a special someone
  • No experience required
  • This activity is appropriate for participants of 12yrs old or older 

  • Our objective it that you learn something new, have fun creating something with your own hands and leave this experience with a smile on your face!

    Booking & Location

    1. Click the BOOK NOW button at your right for the date of your choice.
    2. If you want to offer this class as a gift and you don't know the date yet,  contact us.


    • Saturdays, 2pm to 5pm

    *Email us or leave a note with your availabilities at check out to reserve a date.


    5795 Ave de Gaspé, #213b
    Montreal, Qc, H2S 2X3 
    The class is held in our jewelry making studio.


    Between 2 to 3 hours


    • $169 per participant
    • Book for 4 participants and get 5% off 
    • Book for 5 participants and get 10% off
    • Book for 6 participants and get 15% off

    *Participants must be 12 years old or older.
    *For larger groups, contact us.

    Additional Informations

    No-show & reschedule

    Participants must inform Camillette at least 48 hours before if they cannot attend the workshop. The workshop can be reschedule only once and only in case of force majeure. In case of no-show, the workshop is not rescheduled nor refunded.

    * Camillette reserves the right to cancel or reschedule the workshop if necessary (sickness or not enough participants). 
    *From the date of purchase, participant.s have one year to attend the workshop*

    Gift Idea

    What a greatest gift idea then offering a jewelry making class to a special someone! This class is a unique and creative experience for the participant. In addition to learn the art of jewelry making, the participant will leave the class with it's new bracelet or necklace! This is a great couple or bff activity! Come with a sister, a father, a mom, a coworker!


    Gift card for a bracelet of necklace making class with Camillette Jewelry


    What are the materials I can use to make my bracelet or necklace?

    You can choose between silver, brass and bronze to make your charm. The chain is in silver. If you prefer, you can also use cotton or nylon rope.

    Is it possible to integrate stones or beads I own to my design?

    Yes, it should be possible to add stones or beads (with a hole). Bring it with you. 

    Do you do private workshops?

    Yes, it is possible to book a private workshop. Contact us to see our availabilities.

      Customer Reviews

      Based on 8 reviews

      Had a great experience at Camillette. The person that did my bracelet was so kind and did a fantastic job! Will definitely be back!


      Merci Camille pour ce bel atelier. Avec une amie et ma fille nous avons pu passer un beau moment ensemble tout en créant un objet qui nous remémorera cette belle journée.

      Katie Pallett-Wiesel

      Very nice experience, beautiful bracelets and simple process!


      Très bon moment ! Prix vraiment raisonnable pour la qualité des produits.


      Très belle expérience

      J’ai participé à l’atelier pour la fabrication de bracelets ou colliers avec des breloques et j’ai adoré mon expérience! Camille est très avenante et nous donne un bel aperçu de ce qu’est son métier! Je suis bien contente d’y avoir participé et je vais certainement beaucoup porter le colier que j’ai réalisé! :)

      ATELIER - Fabriquer un collier ou un bracelet personnalisé à breloques

      Ajouté au panier ATELIER - Fabriquer un collier ou un bracelet personnalisé à breloques
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