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How Permanent Jewelry Works? - Camillette
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How Permanent Jewelry Works?

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In a world where fashion trends are ever-changing, a new style of jewelry has emerged, capturing the attention of fashion enthusiasts and trendsetters alike. Permanent jewelry, with its fine chain and absence of a clasp, has become the latest sensation in the accessory realm. This captivating trend combines the allure of simplicity and the promise of enduring elegance, making it a must-have for those seeking a unique and timeless look.

Permanent Jewelry Process with Camillette Jewelry in Montreal

Permanent jewelry, what to expect?
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Camillette now offers the permanent jewelry service. Here is how to get your unique and customized permanent bracelet, anklet or necklace.

Here's a step by step on how to get a permanent jewelry.

Step 1: Book an appointment

Book an appointment on our website so we can know when to expect you!

Step 2: Choose your chain style & material

Choose among our wide selection or chain styles and material. We offre sterling silver, gold filled and 10k gold.

Different types of chains for permanent jewelry in Montreal with Camillette

Step 3: Fitting

Once you've chosen your chain, we will measure it around your wrist, anklet or neck. You will be able to choose the perfect fit to be comfortable. 

Step 4: Welding

After finding the perfect fit, we will weld both ends together with the help of a our pulse arc welding machine. This process it's quick and safe. The whole process is about 15 minutes long.

Camillette is welding a permanent bracelet on a client in Rosemont.

Is Permanent Jewelry safe?

Yes! The welding process is completely painless, safe and quick. The welding is done with a pulse arc welding machine. For your comfort, we cover the skin area with a piece of fabric.

We have protective glasses for you to wear during the procedure. You should not look directly during the welding because the flash could hurt your eyes. 

Then zap! In a second, the two ends of the chain are soldered.

Can Permanent Jewelry be removed?

Yes! It can easily be removed. To remove the chain, you can use a pair of scissors or cutters (depending on the size of the chain).

Different chain styles for permament jewelry